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As one of the world's most innovative manufacturers, Team Machinery (MORI) specializes in making pro-featured outdoor power tool products that make every job easy. That's why MORI is the brand of choice for millions of homeowners, woodworkers, outdoor enthusiasts, hobbyists, craftspeople, and value-conscious contractors.

We have built our reputation by producing products that increase your purchasing power and expand your capabilities. Today, MORI offers you more pro-featured, affordable power tools than ever that are all backed by our 20-year expertise with strict and precise high standard quality control. We're proud to sell our tools worldwide where the values are unbeatable and you're just few steps away from everything else you need to enjoy your MORI tools to the fullest.


TEAM MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a well-developed Manufacturer offering Lawn Mower for many years. As a leading supplier of Garden Machine, we provide professional Brush Cutter , Knapsack Power Sprayer, Earth Auger, Garden Pruner, Backpack Brush Cutter and Knapsack Brush Cutter. In addition, we also offer Landscaping Equipment, Mini Tiller, Cultivator, Pole Chain Saw and Garden Machine Parts with high quality. If you are interested in Grass Trimmer and Agricultural Sprayers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lawn Mower, Grass Trimmer, Brush Cutter , Garden Tiller, Garden Auger, Garden Pruner, Garden Sprayer

Company Details

  • Main Products:
    • Lawn Mower
    • Knapsack Power Sprayer
    • Earth Auger
    • Pole Chain Saw
    • Garden Machine Parts

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  • Address: No.209 Shen-An Rd., Chang Hua City, Taiwan
  • Tel: 886-4-7373668
  • Fax: 886-4-7371618
  • E-mail: sales@trimmer.com.tw

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