Leading Brush Cutter and Garden Tiller manufacturer

  • 1997- JYEN HERR ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., was registered in Da Li, Taichung, Taiwan as the designated OEM/ODM spare part of the agriculture and garden tools for Japan brand companies.


  • 1999 -Spring JYEN HERR gained the opportunity to be the assembly workshop for Japan brand companies in fabricating the transmission shaft tube. Meanwhile, we official produced first hand-held products in Taiwan, the SV260 Grass Trimmer.


  • 2002 -Spring JYEN HERR became OEM of the power sprayer for Japan company and also, had the opportunity to deal with Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial Ltd., for importing and assemblying  their TL series engine in producing straight shaft trimmers .


  • 2003 -Summer JYEN HERR broadened its product offerings, including brush cutters, backpack and hand-held tools; at that once, its market was not only Taiwan, but also included the South Asia.


  • 2003- Fall JYEN HERR published new product Earth Auger 500 for any digging operation at the agricultural industry.


  • 2004 -Spring JYEN HERR was the OEM the of spare part of tractor for Japan company and this relationship of cooperation was continued until now and also, its intention to grow up and based on the appreciation with our steady quality.


  • 2004- Fall JYEN HERR began its relationship with Taiwan agricultural organization as one of supplier for hand-held outdoor power equipment, and also, be one of famous supplier for Taiwan market. Meanwhile, JYEN HERR gained another opportunity to cooperate with one of famous Japan Brand Company that is marked the brush cutter in Taiwan for OEM the transmission shaft tube.


  • 2005- Spring JYEN HERR applied ISO certificate and passed the procedure and then gained the ISO9001:2000 with ID No. 9105039876 from November 2005 until now.


  • 2005- Summer JYEN HERR contracted with Honda Motors Industrial Ltd., and imported the 4 stroke engines. Under the chance for the engine innovation, we imported the Honda GX35 engine in April 2006 with fabricating our transmission shaft tube, we exported and extended our markets to China, Iran and Latin and South American.


  • 2006- Spring JYEN HERR honored with the TTQS (Taiwan TrainQuali System) and gained the Third Prize. Meanwhile, had the fate to sell our completed brush cutter to Japan and also, gained the order inquiry from Europe and exporting to Europe at the same time.


  • 2006- Fall JYEN HERR built our owned brand name MORI and also established Team Machinery Co., Ltd., for offering various services for new overseas market that is divided with the OEM Business for Japan brand companies. Its overall exported our hand-held outdoor power equipments to Asia.


  • 2006- Winter JYEN HERR moved to Changhua city, Taiwan with the new building finished for extending our production lines. Also, we contracted with Kawasaki Heavy Industrial Ltd., for importing their TH series engine further.


  • 2007- Summer JYEN HERR started working with TUV organization for applying the CE certificate. The design and the prototype for new power tool the Polo saw published by our technician department.


  • 2008- April, our straight type brush cutter X-800 with Kawasaki engine gained the CE certificate by TUV organization issued which is met with CE machine directive 2006/42/EC.


  • 2009- May, our backpack brush cutter BP-260 with Kawasaki engine gained CE certificate by TUV organization issued which is met with CE machine directive 2006/42/EC.


  • 2009- August, our R&D finished the new machine JPS-240/JPS-260 Pole Power Pruner which applied with Honda GX25 or Mitsubishi TU26 to offer the convenience pruning tool for customers.


  • 2010- October, the prototype sample of Pole Hedge trimmer finished and approved by our R&D’s testing. We official recommended SHT-240/LHT-240 Pole hedge trimmer to the international market.


  • 2010- November, our straight type brush cutter X-600 with Kawasaki engine gained CE certificate by TUV organization.


  • 2011- February, we applied the CE testing with SGS for our S-400 brush cutter D loop type and the SHT-240/LHT-240 Pole Hedge trimmer and passed through the related testing and gained the CE certificate.


  • 2012- Electrical brush cutter EBC-240 launched. TSP/TSH Series products marketed successfully.


  • 2013- CE certificate for Electrical brush cutter model: EBC-240. Start to join domestic and foreign agricultural machinery exhibitions, such as Mexico, India, Thailand and Russia international exhibition


  • 2014- TELESCOPIC BRUSH CUTTER & EBC-240Multi-tool are built and launched into market.


  • 2015- New design for Flower tube, cooling fan for gear case and double type bearing for clutch housing


  • 2016- New brushless brush cutter is bulit and launched into market.


  • 2017- New product: Backpack battery set is bulit and launched into market.


  • 2018- EBC-2401 is with Korea, KC certification and also with Taiwan Excellence Award. 
  • 2019- MORI launched the Belt clip battery set to relieve pressure from the battery on the user to satisfy with the customer's demand. In winter, MORI is constantly offered the different battery capacity by 6.3Ah.
  • 2020- The Electric palm harvester machines is applied the new investment patent and gained the Taiwan Excellence Award. 
  • 2020- MORI launched the brushless tea pruner(4.6kgs) and super light brushless brush cutter(2.4kgs)
  • 2021- New investment for battery hedge trimmer、battery earth auger、battery pole chainsaw.