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Electric D-Loop Brush Cutter & Grass Trimmer

Electric D-Loop Brush Cutter & Grass Trimmer


MORI EBC-240D is a shoulder type brush cutter powered by 36VDC motor.

  • Designed for amateur users.
  • Cutting performance is similar to 25cc engine brush cutter.
  • Ergonomic handle and well balance design.
  • Easy to start comparing to engine brush cutter.
  • Bright Red design.
  • Short lead time, customer's OEM brand is welcomed

MORI EBC-240D shoulder type brush cutter is using brushed 350W motor, your best choice for your landscaping your garden and regular garden maintenance. This grass cutter can be powered either by 36V 25.2Ah or 36V 6.3Ah DC battery, providing different operation time. LED warning indicator is used to inform users when current or temperature are overload to protect the batteryand the motor. There is also reverse spinning switch for easy removal of grass clipping. 3 minutes time out function is perfect for forgetful users to prevent unnecessary electricity run off. D loop handle is specialized for up-and-down direction shifting, perfect for bumpy landform or tall grass trimming.



Safety/Quality Approvals :

ISO 9001:2015



Model EBC-240D
Battery 36V, Lithium-Ion
Battery capacity 6.3Ah
Charging time 90 minutes
Operating time 3T metal blade – 30~40 minutes nylon head – 25~30 minutes
Cutting capacity 3T metal blade – 255mm nylon head – 345mm
Max. Speed 3T metal blade – 6,300 rpm. nylon head – 6,300 rpm.
Packing Weight 6.7 ~ 7.2 kg
L x H x W 1820mm X 230mm X 170mm