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Electric Tea Harvester(Tea Plucker)

Electric Tea Harvester(Tea Plucker)


MORI ETH-600 Battery tea pruner
  • Save 70% labor cost compared to manual harvest.
  • Japan made 600mm blades.
  • Powered by electricity with zero fume emission, tea leaf and worker-friendly.
  • No fuel expense and less maintenance expenses compared to the engine-type harvester.
  • Powered by Mori 36V 25.2Ah/6.3Ah Li-Ion battery.
  • Only 4.6 kg.
  • With tea leaf collection bag.

This is our innovative product in our new machine type. It not only save up to 70% labor cost, but also make it possible for zero emission. This electric tea harvester is compatible with 25.2/6.3AH battery, fitting for various harvest time. Furthermore, it operate with collection bag and fan, significantly improve your harvest efficiency.

Model ETH-600
Battery 36V, Lithium-Ion 
Motor type Brushless Motor
Motor Speed 9,500RPM
Motor Power 720W(MAX POWER)
Blade 2 x Single blade
Tooth Pitch 35mm
Cutting Length 600mm
Battery Capacity 17.2Ah
Energy 626.4Wh
Charge time 330min (for 100% charing)
Working Hours 2~-3Hours
Packing Weight incl. harness 5.8KGS
Weight for tea Machine (without battery) 4.6KGS
Net Weight(with battery) 10.4kgs
Dimension 920cm X 320cm X 220mm