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NexTech Academy

NexTech Academy


NexTech Academy:

The SME Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs understands that SMEs have faced difficulties in digital transformation and corporate inheritance in recent years. How to accelerate SMEs to establish the concept of corporate inheritance and digital transformation, and deepen the leadership knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit of digital management talents to meet the needs of upgrading and transformation. The key to the success of Taiwan's SMEs to enhance their competitiveness.

In order to help SMEs respond to the trend of digital technology, the SME Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has established the "NexTech Academy" with the goal of promoting the digital transformation of SMEs, providing resources for customized enterprise digital applications, promoting digital learning, social Group learning and coaching, make tacit knowledge explicit and digitized, promote the development of enterprise inheritance and successor talents and team digital leadership, and provide two class options according to the enterprise's own readiness to help enterprises accumulate transformation energy and enhance competition Advantage


NexTech Academy

MORI win the NexTech Academy