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Telescopic palm Harvester

Due to the shortage of manpower, the harvesting of palm fruits in palm oil farms requires a large number of machines to replace labor. Jyen Herr has always been a winner in the production of engine-type palm oil machines, and has successfully occupied a place in Southeast Asia. In addition to the lightweight design to reduce the weight of the palm oil gear case, which reduces the burden on the operator, it also increases the strength of the palm oil gear case, which has a longer life comparing to other brands.

The engine palm oil harvester can be equipped with three different cutting tools: Chisel, Sickle and saw blade according to different tree species and environments. The operating rod of the palm oil fruit cutting machine also has fixed, extension and telescopic options.

Using a mechanical palm oil harvester can save you 75% of the cost.

If you are inquiring about palm fruit harvester, Jyen Herr's palm oil harvester can meet your needs and the price is also the best choice.

Telescopic palm Harvester


Telescopic palm Harvester powered by by original Honda, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi,,,,etc. engines ...